QBE Vision versjon 17

QBE Vision version 17 is now available for download for all customers with an active Maintenance Agreement. All customers with a software maintenance agreement in effect can download the product updates from our Web site free of charge.

How to download QBE Vision version 17

You must log in to use this service. Use the log in dialog located on the right side of the Web page. Enter your customer id and password. Select Support from the horizontal menu at the top of the Web site. Then select Downloads from the vertical menu to the left. A list of all the available downloads appears on the screen.

A product download for version 17 contains a full installation package for the product. You must enter your licence number during installation.

If you have not received an email from us with your customer id, password and licence number, please email so we can send you this information.

Download Product Updates

Customers with a valid support agreement can also download the latest revision of all earlier QBE Vision versions free of charge. The download for a product upgrade consists of a zip file with all the files that have been changed since the first release of the product. To install the downloaded files, replace the files in your QBE Vision installation folder with the files in the downloaded zip file.

What’s New in QBE Vision version 17

QBE Vision Developer

See the online help for a more detailed description of the new features.
  • Unicode Support

    The QBE Vision run-time system now supports Unicode characters.

    All QBE Vision controls now support Unicode, and Unicode data can be read from and stored in the database if the database system used supports Unicode.

    Some new functions have been added, and some existing functions have been updated, to provide better support for reading and writing Unicode encoded text files.

    Note that it is only the QBE Vision run-time system that fully supports Unicode. The QBE Vision Form Designer does not support typing Unicode characters in the QBE Basic code editor.

    Use the -UNICODE command line option to run QBE Vision in Unicode mode.

  • Windows 11

    Windows 11 introduces many visual user interface changes. Some of these changes affect the look and appearance of Windows controls used in QBE applications.

    QBE Vision version 17 is adapted to and has been validated and tested to work with Windows 11.

  • The CExcelWriter Class

    The CExcelWriter class contains a high-level API for writing data to an Excel workbook in the Excel 2007 (.xlsx) file format. The class writes data directly to the .xlsx file, without opening Excel in the background, and therefore Excel needs not to be installed on the PC. You can use this class to create an Excel workbook instead of using the OLE Automation feature to start Excel and let it write the data for you. Writing data with CExcelWriter is much faster than using Excel Automation.

  • The CStringBuilder Class

    The CStringBuilder class provides an alternative to using variables of type String. Although CStringBuilder and String both represent sequences of characters, they are implemented differently. The CStringBuilder class provides better performance in situations where it is necessary to deal with a lot of string manipulation, for example when you are using a loop to concatenate a large number of strings.

  • Improved Find functionality in the Code Editor

    The Find in Current Form and Find in Project Files commands allows you to search for a given string in a specified set of files. The matches found are listed in the Output window in QBE Developer.

    It is now possible to narrow the search results in the Output window with filters.

    Use the File and Search commands on the toolbar in the Output window to filter and limit the number of rows displayed in the Output window. This can be especially useful when you want to perform an additional search within the search results from a Find command.

  • Code Profiling

    The QBE Basic debugger now supports code profiling. Code profiling is a method that is used to detect how long each function or method takes to run and how often it gets executed. Profiling helps identify performance problems without having to touch the source code and is an essential step towards identifying bottlenecks in the code and to eliminate those bottlenecks.

QBE Vision Report

The online user guide has detailed description of the new features and changes in QBE Vision Report.
  • Windows 11

    QBE Vision Report version 17 is adapted to and has been validated and tested to work with Windows 11.

  • UNICODE support

    QBE Vision Reports now supports Unicode data access to Oracle databases that are configured with a Unicode character set, such as the recommended AL32UTF8 character set.

QBE Vision Query Builder

Check the online user guide for a more detailed description.
  • Unicode Support

    QBE Vision Query Builder now supports Unicode data access to Oracle databases that are configured with a Unicode character set, such as the recommended AL32UTF8 character set.


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